Took a quick break for some Alto’s Odyssey. So far I’ve crashed way too many times because I’m used to playing as the girl with the quick backflips.

Prayers, offered in faith, can change things.

But consider Esther who used her position of power to take action.

While her people fasted and prayed for an end to suffering, she used her God-given place of power to end the suffering.

I will pray. I ask Congress to act. Please.

Digital #Ham4Ham 12/21/17 — The Opening of #HamiltonLDN

In celebration of Opening Night tonight, the #HamiltonLDN company created a digital #Ham4Ham mashup of a few of their favorite UK and Hamilton songs! #RiseUp

Posted by Hamilton: An American Musical on Thursday, December 21, 2017

I know. I know this is the biggest trap for a web developer to fall into. I know down this road lies true madness.

But I really want to write my own CMS.